Energy Savings at Work

It’s easy to take charge of the energy bill at work while helping your community and planet. Most of these tips pay for themselves immediately or in a few years!

Quick & Dirty Energy Savings

  • Activate power management settings by placing your inactive computers AND monitors into a low-power sleep mode (can save up to $100 per office annually).
  • A bat hovering above, "Vampire energy sucks. Three million dollars annually is wastes because of vampire energy. Install a power strip and save."Combat vampire energy. Keep monitors, printers, computers, etc. plugged into a power strip. After everything is shut down, turn off the power strip when finished for the day.
  • Reuse the second side of paper in printers, if appropriate, and email coworkers instead of using paper memos.
  • In the summer, close shades or blinds during early morning and late evening to reduce heat from the sun. In the winter, keep those blinds open to let the sun’s warmth in!
  • Preheat cooking equipment no higher or longer than is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Filter fryer oil at least once a day to extend the oil life.
  • Don’t overload fryer baskets beyond the recommended capacity.
  • Turn ovens off or down when not using them.

Take it to the next level…

  • Install time clocks or programmable thermostats to maximize HVAC efficiency.
  • Install motion detectors for lights in infrequently used areas.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting and instantly save money on lighting costs.
  • Rewire restrooms fans to operate with the lights.
  • Install locking covers on the thermostats to prevent employees from changing the temperatures.
  • Perform regular maintenance on units including cleaning condenser coils, checking ducts and pipe insulation for damage.
  • Install ceiling fans to reduce overall room temperature.
  • Add reflective window film, blinds, or solar screens to windows to cool the building.
  • Install an air conditioning economizer to bring in outside air when cool.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on refrigeration units.
  • Replace worn fridge gaskets and adjust door latches.
  • Make sure that oven doors fit tightly. Replace gaskets that are not in good condition.
  • Disconnect anti-condensate heaters.
  • Install auto door closers and strip curtains on walk-in freezers or coolers.
  • Replace broilers with grooved or smooth griddles to significantly reduce associated energy consumption.

Energy Savings Pro

  • When appropriate, use laptops, which consume 90% less energy than desktops.
  • If possible, use ink-jet printers, which use 90% less energy than laser printers.
  • Use appropriately-sized copiers for the size of your company. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® copier that automatically powers down when not in use.
  • If your refrigerator is used minimally, consider replacing it with a smaller one.
  • Install ceiling and wall insulation.
  • Insulate water heaters and supply pipes.
  • Purchase insulated cooking equipment when possible.